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The Welsh at Mametz Wood

Jonathan Hicks  Other books by Jonathan Hicks

The Battle for Mametz Wood – by those who were there.

The 38th (Welsh) Division began the attack on Mametz Wood on 7 July 1916. After days of ferocious hand-to-hand fighting and terrible loss of life, it finally succeeded in capturing the largest wood on the Somme.

Drawing extensively on previously unpublished accounts and original photographs, the author allows the survivors to speak for themselves and tell the full story of those dark days.

In the words of one soldier: “Hell cannot be much worse.”

ISBN: 9781784612382

Category: History

Language: English



  "One of the most moving features of Jonathan Hicks's book is the large number of thumbnail portraits of officers and men who fought at Mametz. They appear on almost every page, staring out at you, nearly all of them appallingly young – 18, 19, 20 years old – most of them killed in the fighting, and very many of them with no known grave. (The lack of an index is disappointing here, making it very difficult to locate individuals.)

The medal issued by the British government to survivors of the war has on its obverse the image of the winged figure of Victory. On the reverse are the words 'The Great War for Civilisation 1914–1919'. The First World War was in fact a prelude to the great tragedy of the twentieth century and the destruction of European civilisation. Those young men at Mametz died for nothing in a war that should never have been fought. Never believe the lying rhetoric of the State. " - John Barnie, Gwales

  "Dr Jonathan Hicks tells the story from the viewpoint of the soldiers on both sides. The author allows the survivors to speak for themselves, adding occasional historical perspectives. The result is an immediacy, a freshness to the storytelling. Amid the horror, there's unexpected poetry, waves of bullets stream like water from the woods, the mud-caked wounded glisten like seals on stretchers, men are mown like corn." - Planet Magazine

  "A valuable addition to the history of the fighting on the Somme, the Welsh at Mametz is valuable for 'Sommistas' and those with specific interest in the important Welsh contribution to victory in the Great War alike." - David Filsell, Stand to! magazine

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