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Llywelyn ap Gruffudd: The Life and Death of a Warrior Prince

Peter Gordon Williams  Other books by Peter Gordon Williams

Llywelyn ap Gruffudd's life and death confronts us with a puzzling contradiction - he was the only Welsh leader to be officially recognised by the English as Prince of Wales, yet, within a year of his death, Wales lay crushed beneath the iron heel of the rapacious English.

Llywelyn narrates the brutal history of his attempt to free Wales from English hegemony. It is a tale full of battles and beseiged castles; patriotism and treachery; triumphs and defeats; all leading to ultimate disaster and despair.

ISBN: 9781784611392

Category: Fiction

Language: English



  "Carefully researched, the novel closely follows the historical events while capturing the atmosphere of acute danger, politics and intrigue of the period. For the non-Welsh reader it provides some interesting insight to the general disinterest, hostility even, of the Welsh leaders towards the Crusades. They saw them as an excuse for plunder, rape and murder." - Gwyn Griffiths, Morning Star

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