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Our Backyard War: West Merioneth in World War II

Les Darbyshire  Other books by Les Darbyshire

Our Backyard War details the effects of World War II on the communities of western Merioneth. It conveys the general atmosphere of the time, how the people coped with their problems, and the changeover from civilian to wartime mode in a world where many items and basic foodstuffs were suddenly rationed.

What had been a small close-knit community suddenly saw the upheaval of families being split up with relatives "called up" or directed to work in industries far wawy from home. There was also always the risk of an air raid or the dread of receiving a telegram saying that a loved one was either missing or had been killed.

Containing the author's personal and also private collection of photographs, this encyclopaedic volume gives readers a fresh insight on an aspect of popular historical concern.

ISBN: 9781784611323

Category: History

Language: English



  "This is a superb and excellent book. It gives a full and frank insight into the effects that the global conflict of the Second World War had on communities in Western Meirionnydd. Les Darbyshire has compacted a tremendous amount of research, personal history testimony, and primary sources. This book is not just a local history reader, it has tremendous academic value as an indicator of the effects of war on communities and individuals. It does have a degree of originalty and its place in war studies involving Wales will soon become apparent " - Amazon review

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