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Clawr | Cover

The Rugby Union Quiz Book

Matthew Jones  Other books by Matthew Jones

Rugby Union attracts supporters across the world to a sport that is technical, tough and skilful. The game's history is littered with competitive rivalries, outstandingmatches and players that have become household names. Here's a chance for fans of the game to test their memory and recollect a famous result or outstanding moment.

This book contains questions that will stretch the recollections of the most hardened trivia buff, but also has some easier challenges to make sure it's fun for every type of enthusiast.

ISBN: 9781784611170

Category: Sport Leisure

Language: English



  "A great read, really useful to have in the house ahead of the World Cup. Also found it really great way to entertain the kids on a long car journey. Well put together and fantastic value for money. " - Amazon review

  "Great little book. Some serious trivia for the hard core rugby bore as well as some nice easy questions. Great gift for any rugby fan and well worth the price. " - Amazon review

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