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Welsh for Parents - A Learner's Handbook

Lisa Jones  Other books by Lisa Jones

Following on from her hugely successful 3-CD course for beginners, Lisa Jones returns with a unique reference book for Welsh learners.

Lisa learnt Welsh from scratch as an adult in order to put the language back into her family and is now a Welsh-language tutor with years of experience of teaching other parents. This puts her in an ideal position to help other parents and grandparents use their Welsh.

Designed to be kept off the bookshelf and left open on the kitchen table, Welsh for Parents is full of practical language to be used every day. There are examples to copy if you want to write thank-you cards or letters to a teacher or phone the school to report an absence. There are a variety of Christmas cards, birthday cards, party invites and letters to Santa in Welsh. The book also gives you clusters of vocabulary and lots of examples of things you can confidently say to your children.

ISBN: 9781784610753

Category: Learners

Language: English



  "This is another great book by Lisa Jones. She writes in such a practical way, covering real life scenarios, and everything is so easy to understand and piece together. " - Amazon Review

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