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Demons Walk Among Us

Jonathan Hicks  Other books by Jonathan Hicks

Fresh from the horrors of the Great War on the Western Front, military policeman Thomas Oscendale is enjoying leave in his south Wales hometown when he is drawn into the investigation of the savage murder of a war widow.

A cryptic note at the scene sets Oscendale on a hunt to find the killer before he strikes again. However, the trail is more complicated than he first realises and when a second body is found Oscendale must use all his skill to solve the riddles sent to him by the killer.

This multi-layered novel also explores the devastating effects of mechanised warfare on the human mind. Oscendale's descent, both figuratively and literally, into hell and his subsequent re-emergence echoes the struggle we all have in reconciling the ghosts of the past with our future lives.

Demons Walk Among Us is the second novel featuring military policeman Thomas Oscendale and is the sequel to The Dead of Mametz.

ISBN: 9780956012593

Category: Fiction

Language: English


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  "This latest outing for Jonathan Hicks and Thomas Oscendale is a great leap forward, and propels the series nearer to the Premier League of British crime fiction." - David Prestidge, Crime Fiction Lover

  "The historical background is faultlessly detailed, the writers' style is pleasing and the characterisations are well drawn: all one would want in a war novel with such an unusual setting." - Barri Hurford-Jones

  "In this sequel, Jonathan Hicks has defied literary gravity - this second novel is even better than his impressive first outing.
Demons Walk Among Us is quite simply even more compelling, horrifying and gratifying a read than its fine predecessor.
Oscendale is building up to be a thoroughly compelling creation and Hicks is already a masterful and first-rate novelist." - Paul Simon, Morning Star

  "I found it to be fast paced and with a compelling, page turning quality - thoroughly enjoyable. The settings were well done, authentic and reliable - which is what you'd expect from an historian like Jonathan Hicks. Well written and very readable." - Phil Carradice

  "Hicks doesn't stint in his portrayal of the horrors of waróboth in terms of the carnage and the mental anguish that troops suffer in battle. This isn't a whodunit but an exploration of the evil of which men, individually and collectively, are capable. Readers searching for painfully realistic accounts of wartime crimes won't be disappointed." - Publishers Weekly

  "A marvelous read! 9/10." - Great War Magazine

  "Another gripping read from Jonathan Hicks. This book is not only a very well written and atmospheric murder mystery but an insight in to the chaos of First World War warfare. As with the first book, "The Dead of Mametz", the action moves back and fore between South Wales and the Western Front, both locations being brought alive through their realistic descriptions and intriguing characters. The most interesting of these characters being the hero Thomas Oscendale himself,the Sherlock Holmes of the Great War. If you have an interest in the First World War or enjoy a good mystery, and certainly if you like both, this book is a must." - Robin Mellor, Amazon

  "Jonathan Hicks writes with a refreshing style and manages to convey the reader through episodes of well-researched historical fact into a world of fictitious crime, suspense and romance... This is another excellent, pacey, spine-chilling read by Hicks, but it is not just another crime thriller - Hicks writes with amazing clarity, giving the reader an insight into the devastation caused to the human mind by conflict. " - Norma Penfold, Gwales

  "Though Demons Walk Among Us is primarily a war novel, mysteries - and not just the unsolved killings - are plentiful." - John A. Broussard, I Love a Mystery

  "There are plenty of war novels around, but a great majority of them lean so heavily on action scenes that nuances of character remain unexplored. That never happens in Hicks' second astounding book about the Great War, where the muddy misery of the men in the trenches contrasts starkly with the soft green hills of southern Wales... Yes, a strong plot, rife with heartrending battlefield scenes in Gallipoli and the Somme, but author Hicks isn't content with mere gore. Believing that there are no minor characters, he delves into the souls of even the briefest of walk-ons... Oscendale himself is a miracle of novel portraiture. By turns brave, terrified, traumatized, and conflicted, he is yet another reminder that the disastrous toll of war isn't always shown in missing limbs and graves in foreign lands." - Betty Webb, Mystery Scene

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