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Clawr | Cover

Always the Love of Someone

Huw Lawrence  Other books by Huw Lawrence

Sinister impulses lurk behind Greg's acclaimed portraits of his wife. Mair, an unemployed actress, loves her unemployed husband but sleeps with a television producer. A divorced couple find themselves staring at reunion. A talented tramp in a dirty pyjama jacket shares lentil soup with an architect in full view of the neighbourhood. Noi is an escapee Thai bride who learns just how different Britain really is. Fifteen stories on relationships: the nuances of class; exile; sexual exploitation; the civilising influence of women which can extend into interference, and the accommodations made necessary by old age. Voices range across gender, age and ethnicity. The tone of Always the Love of Someone is upbeat: as optimistic in spirit as Mike Leigh's Happy Go Lucky.

ISBN: 9780955527296

Category: Fiction

Language: English


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