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Tony Bianchi  Other books by Tony Bianchi

Over at Nicky's place, somebody's dumped twenty stolen chairs in the backyard. What does she care? They call her a fat slag at school and all her mam can do is watch Relocation, Relocation and dream of being elsewhere. Nicky prefers to dream of Barry, who's a dab hand at picking locks. Meanwhile, Frank is doing his best to get on top of things at Pierce Constant Solutions, but bumping into an old school adversary is more than he can cope with. At the care home, Tom looks for the light to go off in his son's flat, because he's due a visit, but memories of wartime keep getting in the way. Neither Nicky, Frank, nor Tom realises that their lives are about to collide. Bumping is a novel of suspense, dark humour and richly-distinctive voices, set on contemporary Tyneside.

ISBN: 9780955527289

Category: Fiction

Language: English



  "Reveals an amazing eye for detail. His portrayals of old Tom and of teenagers Barry and Nicky...are classics." - Morning Star

  "A wise and tender portrait of ordinary lives slipping slowly out of kilter with the brave new world around them. " - John Williams, author of Cardiff Dead and Malcolm X

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