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Clawr | Cover

Faith, Hope and Love

Llwyd Owen  Other books by Llwyd Owen

Alun Brady was a bit of a Mummy's Boy, stuck at home at 30 in the suburbs. When grandfather Paddy makes his deathbed in their spare room, he brings fresh air into Al's cushy number and makes Al face the hardest decision of his life. Later, just out of prison, Al's world seems almost empty. Haunted by his brother Will's perfect new family, Al seeks in dangerous new friends what he needs from his lost kin. Drawn into Cardiff's underbelly, events take a turn towards the tragic as he discovers he cannot break free of his own blood ties. This is an authentic urban thriller with a strong colloquial voice, stepping between social classes to say important things about memory and identity.

ISBN: 9780955527272

Category: Fiction

Language: English



  "Well paced, tightly plotted... holds a magnifying glass to the middle classes to highlight their dark underbelly.... an unconventional thriller that will linger long in the memory." - Lloyd Jones

  "Peppered with contemporary references, the intricately-woven narrative is alive with the pitch perfect voices of a host of characters... an affecting and haunting tale." - Wales Literature Exchange

  "Not unlike the Mike Leigh of Secrets and Lies, who points out the black holes in family life. An outright talent and natural storyteller." - Taliesin

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