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Clawr | Cover

The Pig Tale

Angela Roberts  Other books by Angela Roberts

"Once upon a time, there was a Mammy Pig, a Daddy Pig, and a Baby Pig - from a previous marriage.." This is a story of a twelve-year-old caught in the emotional cross-fire of divorcing parents, and a fairy tale for modern times, by an award-winning writer.

ISBN: 0862438675

Category: Children

Language: English



  "Angela Roberts has created a 'Story World' worthy of any of the Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm... an explosion of intruiging, original and darkly humorous ideas." - Linda James, Children's Film and Television Foundation

  "The approach is quite unique.. a joyous, imaginative romp with an implicit moral dimension." - Welsh Books Council

  "Angela Roberts' unique approach turns the distressing, and often life-changing, period of parental separation into an amusing and playful adventure…there is happiness within this book and hope in its ending." - Tom Ireland, Big Issue 14/08/06

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