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Missed Chances

Sam Adams  Other books by Sam Adams

This is Sam Adams' third poetry collection. Written over a number of years, the poems reflect his interests in literature and the arts, history and the natural world, people and places, and, above all, family. The title poem, an offbeat elegy, sounds the keynote of irrecoverable time and loss, but there are also wryly humorous glances at life and moments of celebration too.

ISBN: 0862438640

Category: Poetry

Language: English



  "Sam Adams is a real poet" - Anglo-Welsh Review

  "These poems are ... vivid depictions of the fragility of natural life moving through the hazards of the physical world and the world of human time. Our pleasure comes from the exact, economic evocation of sensuous physicality." - Poetry Wales

  "(His) writing is technically accomplished, generating intimate and original images." - Planet

  "Clarity and elegance ... characterise (his) poetry." - New Welsh Review

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