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Nantybar - A Vanished Village in the Afan Valley

Beryl Richards  Other books by Beryl Richards

Nantybar documents the effects of great social changes on a small mining community in the Afan Valley, and the struggle for education and decent living conditions, charting the reasons for its decline and eventual disappearance. A warm human account.

ISBN: 0862438578

Category: History

Language: English

£5.95     Out of print


  "Female Ivorites and child labour, Truck Shops and company doctors all feature in Nantybar. Developed from one woman's obsession with tracing the history of a lost village, this little book is a model for aspiring authors, and one that conveys beautifully the delight that local history generates." - Dr Eurwyn Willians, National Museum Wales

  "“This really is a remarkable story thanks to the obsession of the author, a local historian, to tracing the history of a lost village.”" - www.walesunited.com/welshbooks

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