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Clawr | Cover

Yesterday's Tomorrow

Alun Rees  Other books by Alun Rees

Collected poems by the Merthyr poet, Alun Rees. "Ironic soulful poetry that will touch everyone".

ISBN: 0862437830

Category: Poetry

Language: English



  "It is an ironic and sometimes savage take on contemporary capitalism as well as a yearning for a sense of community lost." - Seren

  "Yesterday's Tomorrow should place Alun Rees where he belongs - at the very core of Welsh literature in English today in the tradition of Idris Davies, Harri Webb and John Tripp..." - Mike Jenkins

  "The support he offers to working class people, the dispossessed and the underdog makes Rees deserving of his reputation throughout Wales today as a 'people's poet'." - Big Issue

  "Rees' work speaks with compassion and controlled rage" - Ian Seed

  "What Rees does here is to ascribe to the working class as a whole the collective virtue of honesty; poverty and honesty are, in effect, made to go hand-in-hand." - Matthew Jarvis

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