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The Versatile Welsh Breeds

Brenda Williams  Other books by Brenda Williams

A detailed look at the strength and variety of Welsh cob breeds, including profiles of notable breeding studs in Wales and beyond, and advice on breeding and showing, written by a qualified riding school instructor and an experienced horse breeder. 51 colour and black-and-white photographs.

ISBN: 0862435773

Category: Leisure

Language: English



  "A bold eye, bright attitude and brilliant action Welsh ponies and cobs are celebrated for these qualities among horse lovers all over the world. Brenda Williams acts as an ambassador for the four native breeds of Wales in this book, which is suitable for both an enthusiast's coffee table and a pony-mad child's bookshelf.
According to the book, Welsh Mountain ponies are ideal for junior riders, and also make smart performers in harness. The cob types provide excellent mounts for adults in all competitive disciplines. Hardy and resilient, these breeds have made their name as exceptional family all-rounders.
There is plenty of sound, down-to-earth advice regarding buying an animal, breeding young stock and showing. The author emphasizes the importance of maintaining standards in breeding animals, which is essential to ensure the welfare of horses and ponies in the future. Well-bred ponies are valuable, and valuable animals have a better standard of living.
Horse shows can be daunting to the first-time exhibitor, but the comprehensive guidelines include suggestions regarding suitable dress for pony and exhibitor alike. There's even advice on how to accept the idiosyncrasies of show judges with philosophical dignity. After all, horses have got enough sense not to take such things personally . . .
Much of the book is dedicated to profiles of Welsh cob and pony studs in Wales and around the world. The author's descriptions of influential stallions and mares, combined with attractive colour photographs, offer an introduction to the breeds' principal bloodlines. The book succeeds in conveying a horse expert's in-depth knowledge of the Welsh breeds in language suitable for both fellow enthusiasts and newcomers to the horse world.
" - Liz Saville, Gwales.com

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