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Flame in the Mountains

H A Hodges  Other books by H A Hodges

The hymn is one of the great highlights of Welsh literature, and the two most outstanding of all Welsh hymn-writers, William Williams (171791) of Pantycelyn and Ann Griffiths (17761805), are not only giants of the literary, cultural and religious life of Wales, but are also figures of international status and significance.

The late H. A. Hodges (190576), for many years Professor of Philosophy at the University of Reading, learnt Welsh in order to study the life and work of Ann Griffiths. He subsequently widened his studies to include other aspects of Welsh religious literature, and once described himself as a 'fortunate foreigner' who, in exploring that literature, had found himself in a new world.

In this volume, Professor E. Wyn James, himself an acknowledged expert on Welsh hymnology, draws together Professor Hodges's published work on William Williams, Ann Griffiths and the Welsh hymn. The volume also includes Professor Hodges's acclaimed English translations of Ann Griffiths's hymns and letters, together with his notes on those hymns and letters, which are published here for the very first time.

H. A. Hodges argued that Ann Griffiths had a tremendous 'spiritual vision of a distinctive quality' and he could say of William Williams that through his hymns, 'with their rich content of experience and their outstanding lyrical beauty, he has cast a spell over the mind of Welsh-speaking Wales which endures to this day'. This volume, which places these two remarkable hymn-writers in both a Welsh and an international context, will not only be an invaluable introduction to William Williams and Ann Griffiths for those unfamiliar with their work, but will also provide valuable new insights for those who have already come under their spell.

ISBN: 9781784614546


Language: English


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