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Into the Wind - The Life of Carwyn James   (Alun Gibbard)
Carwyn James was a genius. He was also a tormented soul. The two sides of his life are explored in this biography, which...

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Pink Ribbons for April: in Memory of April Jones   (Alun Gibbard)
It was a tragedy which shook the world. On 1 October 2012, the disappearance of five-year-old April Jones from the mid W...

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Who Beat the All Blacks?   (Alun Gibbard)
The day the pubs ran dry: 9-3; It's forty years since Llanelli Rugby Club defeated the All Blacks on 31 October 1972.; T...

Books in Welsh
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Carwyn: Yn Erbyn y Gwynt   (Alun Gibbard)
A comprehensive biography of Carwyn James (1929-83), teacher and author, broadcaster and politician, Welsh international...

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Gareth Jones: Y Dyn oedd yn Gwybod Gormod   (Alun Gibbard)
The biography of Gareth Jones reads like a combination of Indiana Jones and James Bond stories.; As a journalist at the ...

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Talcen Caled   (Alun Gibbard)
A novel based on the British Miners' Strike between 1984/85. The novel focuses mainly on the tensions between the miners...

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