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Urien Wiliam

Urien Wiliam

Born in 1929, originally from Swansea and educated in Dinefwr Grammar School, Swansea and at Swansea University where he graduated in Welsh in 1950. He's been a teacher and a lecturer in South Wales but in 1981 turned into a full time author and translator. Winner of the 1972 and 1973 National Eisteddfod Drama Trophy. He published two grammar books and several plays and novels, and had the honour of designing the television cartoon for the late Jennie Tomos - Wil Cwac Cwac. Occasionally he scripted radio programmes for children and adults. Urien Wiliam died in October 2006.

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Books in Welsh
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Corff yn y Capel   (Urien Wiliam)
A thriller about Freemasons and a strange murder mystery.

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Cyffur Cariad   (Urien Wiliam)
An original thriller about a customs officer who visits two continents on the trail of criminals as he tries to solve hi...

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Twyll Diderfyn   (Urien Wiliam)
A mystery thriller about the wrongful imprisonment of one man for the alleged murder of his friend.

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