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Sonia Edwards

Sonia Edwards

Sonia Edwards was born in Cemaes, Anglesey, but lives and teaches Welsh in Llangefni Comprehensive School. Book of the Year winner in 1996 and the Prose Medal in 1999.


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Deryn Glān i Ganu   (Sonia Edwards)
One of the Cyfres y Dderwen series for teenagers. Drugs, blackmail, sex, love, revenge, two families coming joining, rel...

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Rhywle yn yr Haul   (Sonia Edwards)
Thrilling novel about Nel who discovers her blood roots when she is drawn to the history of the Royal Charter, that was ...

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Pen Dafad   (Bethan Gwanas)
You've heard of werewolves? Well in this story, Dewi Lloyd a 13 yr old boy transformes into a sheep! English version ava...

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Y Ty ar Lon Glasgoed   (Sonia Edwards)
A gripping novel about two friends who dabble in the supernatural world.

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