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R Gerallt Jones

Originally from Pen Llyn, R Gerallt Jones was a lecturer and a radiant academician. He was also a poet, novelist and a superb critic as well as one of Wales' most innovative authors. He won the Literature Medal twice in the National Eisteddfod and published several volumes of poetry and literature criticisms.


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Dyddiaduron India   (R Gerallt Jones)
An Indian travel diary. Contains photographs.

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O Wythnos i Wythnos   (R Gerallt Jones)
A selection of articles by the poet and critic R. Gerallt Jones, originally published in Y Llan in the early 1960s. This...

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Teithiau Gerallt   (R Gerallt Jones, Eric Hall)
Interesting diaries of an influential author, teacher and educationist

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