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Phyllis Oostermeijer

Phyllis Oostermeijer

Phyills Oostermeijers book Choose Life has inspired hundreds of people to change their lives. Her outlook on positive thinking aids in reaching happiness and abundance.
Born and raised in beautiful Pembrokeshire,and having to leave because of a business venture going terribly wrong,breaking her spirit and impacting on every aspect of her life, her book tells how she pulled herself up by her bootlaces. Phyllis is back home and living life to the full which shows she practices what she preaches!
She advocates Action,in her own words ''Do all you can to free yourself of difficult situations,once you act doors will open,it is amazing how it works!''
A Wife,Mother and now Grandmother she has seen her family flourish because of their very positive attitude, and her sons have worked in America,Canada and Australia,in fact two of them still live abroad.
Phyllis knows we all face problems,but she sees them as obstacles to be overcome thus getting back on track as quickly as possible.
Reading uplifting words inspired her to put her story into print,driven by the desire to help other people who are struggling with living.
Not only is Phyllis a published author,over the last four years she is hitting canvas with paint at a rate of knots,as she says,''life just gets better and better!''
Final words from Phyllis..Positive thinking works for me,I hope you enjoy reading my book and are inspired to fully embrace life..to set and reach your goals!

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Choose Life   (Phyllis Oostermeijer)
A valuable guide to changing one's lifestyle, comprising practical advice on nurturing a positive mode of thinking, with...

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