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Phillip Lemon

Phillip Lemon

My name is Philip Lemon. I used to be ridiculed because of my name; now I tell people that 'Lemon' is Flemish for 'handsome prince'. My great uncle played for Wales at rugby in the 1930s: so there is obvious pride in the name.

I was born in 1962 in Newport, South Wales: at a time before technology gnawed its way through the fabric of society. I have written five novels-two of which have been published: 'Barking Mad' on 'Y Lolfa' and 'What If?' on 'Pegasus'. I also feature in 'Ten of the Best': a poetry book published by 'United Press'.

I am married and still live in Newport and earn a living as a private tutor. My hobbies include: travel, reading, walking and gardening.

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Barking Mad   (Phillip Lemon)
The misadventures of a teenage girl with an irrational fear of dogs.

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