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Mike Parker

Mike Parker

At the age of eleven, Mike Parker bought himself a Teach Youself Welsh book and was hooked. Growing up in north Worcestershire, the "blue remembered hills", of the Borders were his western horizon, and he took every opportuinty to head over Offa's Dyke. Since he started shaving, he has written books on four UK cities, the gay scenes of Scotland, Ireland and northern England, and has been the co-author of all five editions of the best-selling Rough Guide to Wales. Alngside the travel writing, he has dabbled in careers as useless as stand-up comedy and TV presenting.

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Neighbours from Hell?   (Mike Parker)
From the Act of Union to Anne Robinson, "Neighbours from Hell?" looks at English attitudes to the Welsh. Draw...

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The Greasy Poll   (Mike Parker)
In the normally sedate rural constituency of Ceredigion, the general election of 2015 exploded into sensationalist headl...

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