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Meic Stevens

Meic Stevens

One of the most influencial Welsh singers of his era.


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Solva Blues   (Meic Stevens)
Autobiography of the genius from Solva, described by Bob Dylan as Britain's best songwriter. Experience the euphoria of...

Books in Welsh
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Hunangofiant y Brawd Houdini   (Meic Stevens)
The colourful autobiography of Meic Stevens, a singer and composer who contributed immensely to Welsh popular music duri...

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Mas o 'Ma   (Meic Stevens)
A big change occurred in Meic Stevens' life recently. After a rock and roll lifestyle, he decided to emigrate to the tra...

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Pecyn o 3 o lyfrau Meic Stevens   (Meic Stevens)
Pack of Meic Stevens' three autobiographies for the special price of £20.00! ; Contents:; Y Brawd Houdini; Y Crwyd...

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Y Crwydryn a Mi   (Meic Stevens)
The second installment of Meic Stevens' autobiography. This volume sees Meic in Brittany in the early 70s as he wanders ...

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