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Mari Stevens

Mari Stevens

Mari comes from Wales' best city, Swansea. After a year of travelling around the world, she returned to Aberystwyth, where she now works as a Developing Manager in tourism. Her favourite things are going out with her friends, pick-and-mix, spinning and shoes, living near the sea and Bwtyn the cat.

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carirhys@hotmail.com   (Mari Stevens)
A series of e-mails by children to each other and to a sick friend in hospital.

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Mr Abracadabra Jones   (Mari Stevens)
Mr Abracadabra Jones is a wizard. But he isn't mentioned in any of the magic books. Why? Shh! Every one of his spells go...

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Yani   (Mari Stevens)
Gwawr travels to Australia to spend Christmas with her father. She has mixed feelings when she meets her new family ther...

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