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Cansen y Cymry   (Marcel Williams)
An entertaining, bizarre novel about the repression of the Welsh language in the nineteenth century.

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Cardinal Ceridwen   (Marcel Williams)
A man from Cwmtwrch becomes head of the Catholic Church.

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Diawl y Wenallt   (Marcel Williams)
The people of Cwmsylen seek revenge on the famous poet, Dylan Thomas.

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Gwalia ar Garlam   (Marcel Williams)
Even in a free Wales, the English still use Wales as a military training ground, until the Girls of the Dawn start to re...

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Senedd a Satan   (Marcel Williams)
A sexy, talented Welsh poet causes uproar when she murders the King of England.

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Sodom a Seion   (Marcel Williams)
The villagers of Cwmderwen fight against immorality in the vicarage.

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