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Mair Tomos Ifans

Actress and singer that has been performing untiringly around the halls and pubs of Wales.

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Caneuon Ffaldi-Rwla-la   (Mair Tomos Ifans)
What about learning the various songs about your favourite characters from Gwlad y Rwla? ; A CD is included to help you ...

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CD Rala la la   (Mair Tomos Ifans)
Here are the songs you hear in Gwlad y Rwla - the home of Rala Rwdins, Rwdlan and their friends. The book "Rala la ...

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Nadolig yn Rwla   (Mair Tomos Ifans)
A musical drama by Mair Tomos Ifans, based on the characters from the Darllen Mewn Dim series by Angharad Tomos.

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Rala la la - Caneuon o Wlad y Rwla   (Mair Tomos Ifans)
A book of songs from the Land of Rwla - CD available. ; Contents:; Anthem Rwla; Cân Cyn Cysgu; Cân y Gwylia...

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