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Lyn Ebenezer

Lyn Ebenezer

The author, Lyn Ebenezer, after twenty years as a television presenter, now works as a full time author and lives in Pontrhydfendigaid.


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Operation Julie: The World's Greatest LSD Bust   (Lyn Ebenezer)
In March 1977, the largest police drugs bust in history cracked a drugs ring based near Tregaron in rural mid-Wales. Six...

Books in Welsh
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Dim Heddwch   (Lyn Ebenezer)
The drunken antics of middle-aged men who try to relive memories of the past.

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Hiwmor Lyn Ebenezer   (Lyn Ebenezer)
Some jokes and examples of the unique humour of author Lyn Ebenezer, a character whose roots are sound in Ceredigion. Bu...

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Hiwmor Pontshan   ((gol.) Lyn Ebenezer)
A collection of stories, jokes and talks by one of Ceredigion's most prominent characters, Eirwyn Pontshân, collec...

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Merch Fach Ddrwg   (Lyn Ebenezer)
Four horror stories in the style of Stephen King.

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Noson yr Heliwr   (Lyn Ebenezer)
A detective novel about the murder of a young student, based on the popular S4C TV series.

Reprinting soon
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Operation Julie   (Lyn Ebenezer)
Welsh book. A book documenting the infamous drugs raid of 1977 on an LSD factory in mid-Wales, during which six million ...

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Si So Jac y Do   (Lyn Ebenezer)
Crime thriller set in Aberystwyth, based on the S4C series "Yr Heliwr" and a sequel to the novel "Noson y...

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Twyll Dyn   (Eirwyn Pontshan, Lyn Ebenezer)
The unique philosophy of the ledgendary comedian, Pontshân.

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