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Kate Bosse-Griffiths

Kate Bosse-Griffiths was born in Wittenberg, Germany, where her father was a surgeon. At the beginning of the Second World War, she moved to Wales as J.Gwyn Griffiths wife, and in their home at the foot of Moel Cadwgan she motivated establishing 'Cylch Cadwgan'. During the war her mother died and had also had literature interests in the jail-camp Ravensbrück. She has published several novels, factual, traveling and academic books.


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Byd y Dyn Hysbys   (Kate Bosse-Griffiths)
The Soothsayer was an important part of Welsh life until relatively recently; indeed, for many centuries, he held an imp...

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Cariadau   (Kate Bosse-Griffiths)
Philosophical short stories discussing different types of sexual relationships.

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Teithiau'r Meddwl   (Kate Bosse-Griffiths)
Literary essays by a novelist and scholar who fled from Hitler's Germany and threw herself into Welsh life.

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