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James Stevens

James Stevens

Born in a cottage in a South Wales mining community next to a chapel with the illustrious name of Bethlehem, James Stevens is a pseudonym for Steve James.
At sixteen I left school and joined the Royal Air Force. Some five years into my contract, squadron leader King, who eventually became the tactical advisor for the Saudi Arabian Air force, suggested that with my qualifications I should consider taking a different route in life. Listening to his advice I chose education. After thirty four years of teaching in various schools throughout Wales, I retired. With time on my hands I was now free to follow a boyhood dream. Many people have pondered the question why it is that writing holds such a fascination for me? The answer can be summed up perfectly by something I read in a magazine. “Most people want to write for one of three reasons. The first is for fame, the second for financial gain and the third is because you want to express yourself.” In my case it was the third.
To date I have written five novels – The Judas Codex, Satan's Alternative, The Fourth Horseman, Children of the God's and The Templar Conspiracy. To my astonishment they have all gone on to become best sellers. Presently I am working on my sixth – The Death Peddler. The fun in writing is that it allows the readers the opportunity to separate fact from fiction where and when it suits them. The point I'm making is that what at first glance might appear as flights of fancy in my novels most definitely have a great deal of basis in fact.
Married forty years this June to Susan, I have a son, Ashley, who works and lives in Bristol with his partner Christina. Ashley is also a member of the media team at Cardiff City FC.

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