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J Eirian Jones

J Eirian Jones was born in Cwmann near Lampeter, and attended the University of Wales, Aberytswyth where she gained a BMus grade and an MA.

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Alawon Dwynant   (J Eirian Jones)
Original cerdd dant melodies, including set pieces for the Urdd Eisteddfod.

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Cynghanedd Cariad   (J Eirian Jones)
16 songs for schools by an experienced composer.

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Cynghanedd Cariad 3   (J Eirian Jones)
Another valuable collection of songs by Eirian Jones, music and singing teacher, accompanist, adjudicator, conductor and...

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Mwy o Gynghanedd Cariad   (J Eirian Jones)
Nine songs for children.

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Yr Eliffant   (J Eirian Jones)
The song "Yr Eliffant" - taken from Cynghanedd Cariad, by J Eirian Jones - printed for the Eisteddfod yr Urdd ...

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