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Ivor Thomas Rees

Ivor Thomas Rees

Ivor Thomas Rees was raised in the Rhondda and was a student at Memorial College, Brecon during Pennar Davies' tenure as principal. He has served as a Welsh Independent minister at Aberavon and a United Reformed Church minister in England and Wales. He is the author of "Welsh Hustings 1885-2004" (2005) and "Yr Wythnos Hon" (2011).

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Clapham Dissenters   (Ivor Thomas Rees)
This book is more than merely the history of a local church. It tells the way in which a rural village became a wealthy ...

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Saintly Enigma   (Ivor Thomas Rees)
Biography of Pennar Davies (1911-96), the academic, poet, novelist, critic, historian and theologian who played a major ...

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The Sledgehammer Pastor Daniel Hughes 1875-1972   (Ivor Thomas Rees)
A biography of an unconventional Nonconformist minister who served churches of various denominations in Lancashire and C...

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