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Ioan Roberts

Ioan Roberts was born in Rhoshirwaun, Llyn and after spending time in Montomeryshire, Wrexham and Pontypridd he's currently in Pwllheli with his wife Alwena and their children Sion and Lois. Before getting work as a journalist for 'Y Cymro', he was a civil engineer for a short period. He's been an editor of 'Y Dydd' programme, HTV, a news broadcaster for Radio Cymru and producing 'Hel Straeon' and other programmes for S4C.

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Cefn Gwlad Geoff Charles   (Ioan Roberts)
A collection of Geoff Charles' photographs depicting life in rural Wales and it's characters. The photographs were taken...

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Cymru Geoff Charles   (Ioan Roberts)
A collection of 140 black-and-white photographs taken by Geoff Charles (1909-2002), a versatile journalist and photograp...

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Eisteddfodau Geoff Charles   (Ioan Roberts)
A collection of photograghs by Geoff Charles, taken during various Eisteddfods. The photographer travelled to hundreds o...

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Elfed: Cawr ar Goesau Byr   (Ioan Roberts)
A tribute to Elfed Lewys - a colourful and charismatic character.

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