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Hilda Hunter

Hilda Hunter

Hilda Hunter was born in the Midlands of England in 1919. After a career as a musician and a lifetime of work and studying in England and Wales, she retired to Shrewsbury, and had a chance to verify a dream she'd had since her period in Aberystwyth in the fifties, which is to get to know the Welsh language better. In the year 2000, she saw the path which she could learn the language. In her own words: "I am a lifelong student. The more I'll discover by studying, the bigger my respect and love towards my Welsh friends, their mother-tongue and mother country."

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Books in English
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Dysgu Cymraeg / Venturing into Welsh   (Hilda Hunter, Carol Williams)
This book gives an insight to the process of learning the Welsh language by two women from different backgrounds; includ...

Books in Welsh
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Dyfal Donc - Hunangofiant Hilda Hunter   (Hilda Hunter)
Hilda Hunter was born in the Midlands in 1919. This is a portrait of her life after she left school before the Second Wo...

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