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Creadur! - Nic a'r Anghenfil/Llygod   (Helen Emanuel Davies)
The second book in the Pen i Waered series. The story is by Helen Emanuel Davies, illustrations by Morgan Tomos. The fac...

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Cyfrinachau - Cyfrinach Lob/Codau   (Helen Emanuel Davies)
The fourth book in the Pen i Waered series looks at all kinds of secrets. The story, illustrated by Robin Lawrie, is abo...

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Gl - Josh a'r Gwylliaid/Chwaraeon Pl   (Helen Emanuel Davies)
One of a series of books for children between 7 and 9 years of age. A4 size, with a story on one side and, by turning th...

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Gwyl a Hwyl - Io, Gaiws!/Gwyliau'r Gaeaf   (Helen Emanuel Davies)
The fifth book in the Pen i Waered series. The story is about a slave called Gaius, during the Roman period. There's ano...

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Pecyn Pen i Waered   (Helen Emanuel Davies)
A pack of five books in the Pen i Waered series. The titles are Gôl, Cyfrinachau, Gwyl a Hwyl, Creadur! and Syniad...

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Syniad Da! - Dylan a Doctor Leon/Dyfeisiadau   (Helen Emanuel Davies)
The third book in the Pen i Waered series. The story, Dylan a Doctor Leon, is about inventors who invent a time machine,...

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