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Harri Webb

Harri Webb has described himself as a 'poet with only one theme, one preoccupation', whose work is 'unrepentantly nationalistic'. Few have written about Wales more intensively, steadily and passionately, or with a greater variety of approach, of genre, of style, than Harri Webb. As poet, prolific journalist, public speaker, Welsh Republican, essayist, scriptwriter and pamphleteer, he has focused his articulate attention on the glories, the particularities and the plight of his nation.
(Brian Morris)


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Anglomaniac Anthem Poster   (Harri Webb)
One of Harri Webb's most memorable political poems on a poster designed and illustrated by Elwyn Ioan. "We're look...

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Looking Up England's Arsehole   (Harri Webb)
The patriotic and boozy balads of Harri Webb, including classics like "Local Boy Makes Good and Anglomaniac Anthem....

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No Half-Way House   (Harri Webb)
Selected Political Journalism 1950-1977. The evergreen, passionate, scathing yet erudite articles of Harri Webb, poet, j...

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