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Gwyneth Glyn

Gwyneth Glyn

Gwyneth's dream since being a young girl was being an author. She has written and acts in "Rownd a Rownd", has won the Urdd's crown and published two books for children. When she's not busy writing plays at home in Llanarmon, Eifionydd, she loves traveling the world, versifying, playing the guitar and enjoy herself.


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Aminah a Minna   (Gwyneth Glyn)
Sequel to "Mewn Limbo" (A Moving diary where a child overcomes prejudice and bullying).

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Deryn Mewn Llaw   (Gwyneth Glyn)
Hooray - it's the summer holidays and weeks of sunbathing ahead for Becky and Gwawr. But amongst the sun tan lotion and ...

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Mewn Limbo   (Gwyneth Glyn)
The bitter-sweet diary of a teenage boy with learning difficulties (dyslexia) who is everyone's butt of mockery and who ...

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Mewn Limbo (Codi'r Llenni)   (Gwyneth Glyn, Lowri Cynan)
Script based on the book "Mewn Limbo" by Gwyneth Glyn. Suitable for KS3 and KS4 students in Welsh and Drama De...

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