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Gwyn Jenkins

Gwyn Jenkins

From Penparcau originally but has since lived in Talybont for 25 years. He has been a member of staff at the National Library of Wales since 1974.

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The Manchester United Welsh   (Gwyn Jenkins, Ioan Gwyn)
A fascinating insight into Wales' contribution to one of football's most famous clubs. From its early beginnings nearly ...

Books in Welsh
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Ar Lan y Mr / On the Seashore   (Gwyn Jenkins)
An attractive gift book full of photographs portraying our relationship with the seashore in Wales from the mid nineteen...

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Byw yn y Wlad / Life in the Countryside   (Gwyn Jenkins)
A collection of 160 evocative photographs of rural Wales from the mid 19th century to the present day, featuring the wor...

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Cwpan y Byd 2010   (Gwyn Jenkins)
This book is an essential guide to the World Cup! It is full of interesting facts, including the details of all the matc...

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Cymru a'r Rhyfel Byd Cyntaf   (Gwyn Jenkins, Gareth William Jones)
The story of the First World War is followed chronologically, as tales about the role of the Welsh nation in the war is ...

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Cymry Man U   (Gwyn Jenkins)
Man U is perhaps the world's best known football club and thousands of supporters live in Wales. But how many of them kn...

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Cymry'r Rhyfel Byd Cyntaf   (Gwyn Jenkins)
The experiences of the Welsh during the Great War.

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Gl   (Gwyn Jenkins)

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Llyfr y Ganrif   ((gol.) Gwyn Jenkins)
"The Book of the Century" - a portrait of Wales in the twentieth century in a lively, journalistic format with...

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Prif Weinidog Answyddogol Cymru   (Gwyn Jenkins)
A thorough biography of Huw T Edwards - one of the most influential figures in Wales in the 1950s, and a man who was kno...

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