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Gwen Lasarus

Gwen Lasarus qualified as a teacher but has been an actress for over 20 years. Originally from Llanfair Pwll, Anglesey, she went to David Hughes School. Reading, swimming, yoga, cooking, biking and walking are her main interests. Her early influences were Enid Blyton then Kate Roberts, John Gwilym Jones, Sion Eirian and more recently Frank McCout, Helen Fielding and M. Scott Peck.

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Llanast   (Gwen Lasarus)
One of 5 novels in the Cyfres Copa series of books for teenagers, suitable for use in the classroom.; A novel about home...

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Sgribls Hogan FlÍr   (Gwen Lasarus)
The diary of a teenage girl, who's got problems with boys, her parents -everything really. Read her personal and hilario...

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Snogs a Sgribls Hogan FlÍr   (Gwen Lasarus)
The entertaining diary-style novel of a young girl relating how she comes to terms with the trials of life, disappointme...

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Swshi, Snogs a Sgribls Hogan FlÍr   (Gwen Lasarus)
The third book in the trilogy. Corin is back and her life is as exciting as ever: Dad is stressed, Gethin is a pain and ...

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