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Gareth F Williams

Originally from Porthmadog, Gareth has been a full time author for years. He's been scripting programmes for children with HTV and was one of the creators of Pengelli and Rownd a Rownd television series for S4C. So far he has written 13 musicals for the stage and has published several novels.


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Anji   (Gareth F Williams)
One of five novels in the Cyfre Copa series for teenagers, suitable for use in the classroom.; After killing her mother,...

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Awst yn Anogia   (Gareth F Williams)
A powerful novel set on the island of Crete during the Second World War, where extreme events change the village of Anog...

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Dirgelwch Loch Ness   (Gareth F Williams)
A new look at the old legend of Loch Ness, with new evidence about Nessie.

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Hwdi   (Gareth F Williams)
"When she got into the house and quickly shut the door she could have sworn that she shut it in someone's face.&quo...

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O Ddawns i Ddawns   (Gareth F Williams)
A cutting-edge novel about the problems facing a 16 year old girl who's expecting a child.

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Pen Cyrliog a Sbectol Sgwr   (Gareth F Williams)
An adventure story where crooks upset the holiday plans of Magwen and Jimbo.

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Tacsi i Hunllef   (Gareth F Williams)
Kelly, Kirsty and Karina - KKK - like the Ku Klux Klan, these are three of the town's tough girls. Some of the residents...

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Tacsi i'r Tywyllwch   (Gareth F Williams)
Two bodies. They are difficult to identify due to the damage caused by the fire. And there's a hand, which belongs to an...

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Y Ddwy Lisa: Cysgod yr Hebog   (Gareth F Williams)
"Cysgod yr Hebog" is the sequel to "Sgrech y Dylluan". In this novel we get to know the families of ...

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Y Ddwy Lisa: Sgrech y Dylluan   (Gareth F Williams)
"Sgrech y Dylluan" is a raw, contemporary novel, which tells the story of Lisa Angharad and Lisa Marie. They a...

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Y Dyn Gwyrdd   (Gareth F Williams)
One day - quite recently, in fact - a young boy named Derwyn lived in an old cottage in the woods with his mother and fa...

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Y Ty Ger y Traeth   (Gareth F Williams)
Three generations of one family are forced to face their past, their present and their future.; This is a novel that bri...

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