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Fflur Dafydd

Fflur Dafydd is a girl from Llandysul. She graduated in English at the University of Wales Aberystwyth, before gaining an MA in Creative Writing in East Anglia University and a PhD at the University of Wales Bangor. Currently, she lives in Carmarthen and is a part-time lecturer in Trinity College, and a freelance author and writer.


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Books in English
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Twenty Thousand Saints   (Fflur Dafydd)
Archaeologist Deian returns to the island of his childhood, where his mother disappeared without a trace. Sister Viv, cl...

Books in Welsh
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Atyniad   (Fflur Dafydd)
Bardsey Island is the main character of this novel - the island whos attraction controls the ebb and flow that are the e...

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Awr y Locustiaid   (Fflur Dafydd)
Nine striking short stories by the multi-talented Fflur Dafydd. From the Welsh to the European, and the satirical to the...

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Helfa Drysor   (Fflur Dafydd)
Four friends celebrate the end of their A-levels by going on a treasure hunt - is there any to be found at Llyn y Lleua...

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Lliwiau Liw Nos   (Fflur Dafydd)
A debut novel by the author and singer from Llandysul. It tells the story of four very different friends who co-inhabit ...

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Y Llyfrgell   (Fflur Dafydd)
On a cold February morning, in the year 2020, Dan, a porter at the National Library of Wales, is committing his daily of...

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