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Euron Griffith

Ganwyd Euron Griffith ym Mangor ac mae'n gweithio bellach fel awdur ar ei liwt ei hun.

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Dyn Pob Un   (Euron Griffith)
"You haven't seen anything? Understand?"; But I have. And now I'm in trouble; There is a novel in each of us. ...

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Eilian a'r Eryr   (Euron Griffith)
"Have you ever sat on the wing of a Boeing 737?"; There's nothing special about Eilian. He gets up, goes to sc...

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Leni Tiwdor   (Euron Griffith)
Humorous, contemporary novel in the style of Nick Hornby. A "detective" story. But an unusual detective story....

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Tri Deg Tri   (Euron Griffith)
An original and highly imaginative story about an ordinary man who happens to be a hitman. But what is the secret from h...

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