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Elin Llwyd Morgan

Elin Llwyd Morgan was born in Cefn Bryn Brain and nurtured in Angelsey, and has also lived in Aberystwyth and Caernarfon. She currently lives in Dyffryn Ceiriog with her partner Peris and their son Joel. Her day to day job is translating but she also writes poems, reviews and correspondants.


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Duwieslebog   (Elin Llwyd Morgan)
Collection of poems.

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Mae Llygaid gan y Lleuad   (Elin Llwyd Morgan)
When her nationalist ex-boyfriend disappears, Ielena returns to college in Aberystwyth to face a barrage of questions fr...

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Rhwng y Nefoedd a Las Vegas   (Elin Llwyd Morgan)
The fantasies and realitie of a woman facing the fact that she's getting older!

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Tafarnau Cymru   ((gol.) Elin Llwyd Morgan)
An interesting and useful handbook to about 100 Welsh pubs in Wales. With the help of a team of reporters, detailed repo...

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