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Eddie Jones

Eddie Jones is a native from Bethel, Arfon. He's been a teacher in Penygroes Primary School, Arfon and Machynlleth's Comprehensive School. Later he became a deputy headteacher in Park Avenue Primary School, Aberystwyth before being appointed as a Heateacher in Rhydypennau School and worked there until his retirement in 1985.

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Clap a Chân i Dduw   (Eddie Jones, Falyri Jenkins)
A tremendously popular modern hymn book for children. Essential resource for schools and chapels.

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Cofi o Dre   (Eddie Jones)
The dance "Lord Caernarfon's Jig" (Cofi o Dre) from the book "Dawnsie Twmpath", by Eddie Jones.

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Dawnsie Twmpath   (Eddie Jones)
This is a standard collection of popular Welsh folk dances meant for actual use socially and in schools!; In this new bi...

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Llyfryn geiriau Clap a Chân i Dduw   (Eddie Jones, Falyri Jenkins)
Words only for Clap a Chân i Dduw.

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Llyfryn geiriau Mwy o Glap a Chân i Dduw   (Eddie Jones, Ann Morgan)
Words only for Mwy o Glap a Chân.

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Mwy o Glap a Chân   (Eddie Jones, Ann Morgan)
More catchy, modern hymns for children.

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