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Dyfed Edwards

Originally from Angelsey, Dyfed has a vast experience as a journalist.

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Cnawd   (Dyfed Edwards)
A volume of spine-chilling stories combining elements of ordinary everyday life with elements from a horrific underworld

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Dant at Waed   (Dyfed Edwards)
A horror novel set in the world of vampires.

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Dynion Dieflig   (Dyfed Edwards)
Peter Moore was described as one of the most dangerous men to ever set foot in North Wales, after attacking dozens of me...

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Llwybrau Tywyll   (Dyfed Edwards)
A thrilling detective novel by a popular author of horror stories and novels.

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Peter Moore:Y Gwaethaf o'r Gwaethaf   (Dyfed Edwards)
A look at two of the most infamous criminal cases in Wales; that of Peter Moore, who was found guilty of attacking dozen...

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Y Syrcas   (Dyfed Edwards)
A horror novel about a strange circus that ensnares young children.

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