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Derek Brockway

Derek Brockway

Born in Barry, South Wales and has been passionately interested in the weather ever since he was a young boy. A qualified meterologist, he was employed by the Met Office for 20 years and became the main weather forecaster for BBC Wales in 1997. He now presents a number of radio and television programmes, including Derek's Welsh Weather and Weatherman Walking. His leisure activities include walking, squash, skiing and leaning Welsh.


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Great Welsh Walks   (Derek Brockway, Martin Aaron)
Welsh weatherman Derek Brockway, star of the popular Weatherman Walking TV series, here presents 18 of his favourite wal...

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More Weatherman Walks   (Derek Brockway, Julian Carey)
Discover the fun of walking in Wales with twelve more of uber-weatherman Derek Brockway's favourite Welsh routes. Hot on...

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Weatherman Walking   (Derek Brockway, Julian Carey)
Get walking in Wales! You don't have to be super-fit to tackle these twelve rewarding walks, chosen by Derek Brockway, B...

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