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David Morgan Williams

David Morgan Williams was born in Cwm, nr Ebbw Vale in Gwent. He was educated at Cwmyrddech Primary School, Ebbw Vale Grammar School and the University College of Wales Aberystwyth. He has taught children up to the age of 18, student-teachers at the Gwent College of Higher Education and mature students in the Open University. He has a lifelong interest in the history and geography of Wales, its folklore and culture.

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Dragonrise   (David Morgan Williams)
Are the strange spiral patterns on the gold medallion linked to King Arthur? A fantasy novel for children aged 9-12, set...

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Ebony and Ivory   (David Morgan Williams)
Huw wakes up from blackness, his head hurting. Why is he bound hand and foot, in the back of a large truck, hurtling thr...

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The Crystal Fountain   (David Morgan Williams)
This is the story of Capra, an ibex, who lives in the mountains of Ethiopia, in north-east Africa.; Capra has been injur...

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Wu-Ling's Tears   (David Morgan Williams)
Wu-Ling was frightened when she discovered that the Great Bamboo Forest was on fire. The giant panda had to escape to th...

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XCalibur, Merlin and the Teeth of the Dragon   (David Morgan Williams)
A fantasy thriller for 9 to 12 year olds. This is the third book in the Spirit of the Dragon trilogy.; How did Huw find ...

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