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David Jandrell

David Jandrell lives in Cwmcarn. He's been a Comprehensive School Teacher, Youth Club Instructor, Adult Literacy Tutor and he worked in management in the steel industry before becoming a lecturer at Ystrad Mynach College.

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100 Cracking Jokes   (David Jandrell)
Not Irish jokes, not Welsh, Scottish, Celtic, and definitely not racist jokes or sick ones capitalising on the latest sc...

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Cwmtwp: Gossip From the Valleys   (David Jandrell)
"Cwmtwp" combines Welsh Valleys humour with a hilarious parody of local newspapers. It is well into the futur...

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More Welsh Valleys Humour   (David Jandrell)
David Jandrell presents his long-awaited sequel to the popular Welsh Valleys Humour (2004).; Here's another hilarious bu...

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Rugby Trip Stories   (David Jandrell, Matthew Tucker)
Stories from the 'away trips' - for the wives to know what it's all about, and for the lads to read the funny things the...

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Welsh Valleys Characters   (David Jandrell)
If you enjoyed Welsh Valleys Humour you will enjoy this picture of valleys life with portraits of the typical pub landlo...

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Welsh Valleys Humour   (David Jandrell)
A tongue-in-cheek guide to the unique dialect and humour of the south Wales valleys, comprising a light-hearted introduc...

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Welsh Valleys Phrasebook   (David Jandrell)
Been lost in Wales? Asked for directions? Were you any better off?; Your prayers have been answered! This book provides ...

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