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David Barnes

David Barnes

David studied history at the University of York in England and the University of Wales, Cardiff and religious studies at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth. He has spent most of his professional life teaching history, most recently in adult education departments within the University of Wales. It was as result of a sequence of evening classes in Monmouth that he wrote Black Mountains: The Recollections of a South Wales Miner (2002. Although his graduate research has been devoted to Welsh religious history, he has taught a wide variety of courses pertinent to the wider Atlantic world. In 1988, he made his first lecture-tour of the USA for the English Speaking Union. He has published extensively on Welsh history and topography - his most recent book being The Companion Guide to Wales (2005) and is a frequent contributor of articles and reviews to Welsh cultural and literary journals. In the1990s, David was active in the field of international education, travelling world-wide and spending a year in the USA (in Atlanta and New York City). He joined Lindblad Expeditions as a full-time expedition historian in 1998 and has travelled the world in that capacity, from the Arctic to the Antarctic (via Saudi Arabia) and from the Seychelles to Easter Island (via Namibia). He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society in 1998 and a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society in 2003. David is married to a Latvian educated in St Petersburg and divides his land time between their apartment in that city and their dacha in the Cambrian Mountains

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Black Mountains   (David Barnes)
The recollections of Alf Gordon, a South Wales Miner. A fascinating story of hardship and survival of a man who survived...

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