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Daniel Davies

An experienced journalist that has worked for the Cambrian News and the BBC. He's an author that has written scratch books about the subculture of Aberystwyth.

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Gwylliaid Glyndwr   (Daniel Davies)
On March 6th 1406, the Pennal Letter was written by Owain Glyndwr - one of the most important letters ever written in th...

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Hei-Ho!   (Daniel Davies)
A lighthearted novel about the struggling economy and the efforts of seven mischievous people to challenge the regime. T...

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Pecyn o 3 o lyfrau Daniel Davies   (Daniel Davies)
A pack of three novels by Daniel Davies, winner of the Daniel Owen Memorial Prize 2011, includes "Twist ar 20"...

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Pele, Gerson a'r Angel   (Daniel Davies)
A satirical look at life revolving around a summer of drinking, gambling and womanising in Aberystwyth.

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Tair Rheol Anhrefn   (Daniel Davies)
Winner of the Daniel Owen Memorial Award 2011!; Rule 1; You cannot win the game; Rule 2; The only possible result is los...

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Twist ar 20   (Daniel Davies)
Buy this book, take it home, switch the kettle on and put your feet up with a pot of tea (4 bags) and a packet of biscui...

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