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Dafydd Meirion

Dafydd Meirion

Dafydd Meirion is a former journalist that established Llais company, and specializes in public contacts, publishing and producing radio programmes. He currently lives in Pen-y-groes.


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Books in English
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Welsh Cowboys and Outlaws   (Dafydd Meirion)
The fascinating exploits and adventures of Welsh emmigrants in the United States. Welsh version available, "Cymry G...

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Welsh Pirates   (Dafydd Meirion)
This book recounts the exploits of dozens of rouges and Welsh heroes across the centuries. Experience the pirate's lifes...

Books in Welsh
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Cymry Gwyllt y Gorllewin   (Dafydd Meirion)
Stories about some of the cowboys and villains from Wales who created havoc in America after moving there in the ninetee...

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Mr-Ladron Cymru   (Dafydd Meirion)
An entertaining volume presenting exciting stories about 17th and 18th century Welsh pirates, their colourful lives and ...

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